Plumber & garbage disposalSampsell’s Plumbing offers a full line of plumbing services. We cater to both residential and commercial clients in Centre County and surrounding counties as well.





  • Well Pump Service and Repair

Think you’re well pump is not working well? Has your well pump stopped working? We can help.

Here are some signs of a well pump going bad:

  • Decreased water pressure
  • Dirty water
  • Weird and loud noises
  • Air “spitting” from your faucet
  • Unusually high electric bills

Pump problems are best handled by professionals, and Sampsell’s has the skill and experience to handle your well pump problems and provide a solution that fits your home and budget. We are your one stop shop for everything to do with well pumps. Whether you need a new installation, emergency repair service, or routine maintenance, count on us on getting your well pump working.


  • Sewer Pump Repairs and Maintenance


A sewer pump problem could be your worst nightmare: toilet overflows, drain overflows. It’s an unpleasant mess! With our experience, you can rest assured that we can handle your sewer pump problems. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will happily educate you on the best practices to extend the life of your sewer pump and avoid unpleasant breakdowns.

When you need a new sewage pump replacement or installation in Center County, PA, count on us to get the job done efficiently, at the fastest time possible and without any oversight.  We’ve been keeping things flowing in the sewage department of Centre County since 1977.


  • Water Heaters


Is your water heating system broken or simply outdated? Sampsell’s Plumbing offers fast, reliable and efficient water heater repair and replacement services in Centre County and surrounding areas. Over the years, we have developed the skills and expertise to tackle water heating problems of all types. Our expert team can educate you about your options and help you choose which type of system is best for your home or business.

We service the following types:

  • Electric – Known for it’s reliability, electric water heaters are more energy efficient than gas heaters but more expensive in the long run.
  • Gas – Gas water heaters are the most reliable and most popular water heating system choice in the US. They are less efficient than electric systems but cheaper to operate.
  • Tankless – Tankless Water Heaters provide energy efficient and space saving water heating systems. It is increasingly becoming a more popular choice for water heating system upgrades across the country.


  • Water Treatment systems


We use water everyday for almost everything: cooking, cleaning, bathing, drinking etc. No wonder Water Treatments Systems are quickly becoming households standards. Sampsell’s Plumbing is equipped with the latest technologies and advancements in water treatment systems. We service all makes and models of water treatment systems, water softeners, and water purification systems for residential and commercial clients. We also offer quality iron and sulfur treatment services at reasonable prices.

Sampsell’s uses the most reliable, top-quality materials and equipment to provide our customers with efficient and effective water treatment systems that they can depend on for many years. From water analysis to project completion, we are with you every step of the way.


  • Drain Cleaning Services


Since 1977, Sampsell’s has been providing expert drain cleaning services in Centre County and surrounding areas. We offer upfront and consistent pricing rates and ensure quality workmanship and around the clock to support to our clients. For kitchen, bathroom or utility room drains, we are ready to assist you. We are equipped with the right tools and are up-to-date with the latest technology. No matter how big or complex the problem, we can get it fixed in no time.


  • Install and Repair Septic Systems 


Sampsell’s Plumbing Inc. can install septic systems and provide regular maintenance. For over four decades, we have been Center County’s local choice for their septic system service needs. We have the equipment, experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time on time.

Maximize the life of your Septic System by having regular system maintenance. Call us to know more about our septic system services.


  • Backflow Testing and Prevention


We are dedicated to providing reliable backflow testing and prevention services to our clients. With four decades of experience in commercial and residential backflow testing and prevention, we have the knowledge and capability to repair your assembly as fast as possible while ensuring state compliance. From inspection, testing, repair, installation, and theft prevention, we handle all phases of the job.